This one of a kind part double, part single storey extension along with its double garage conversion in Tullibody vastly increased the available floor area for this client.

This meant they no longer had to move from the area they loved and had established roots in.

This circa 50m2 extension along with some recladding of the existing building and internal alterations is set to be a truly unique project.

The combination of timber and zinc cladding creates a very striking juxtaposition with the existing rear elevation while achieving a completely harmonious front façade.

From the existing street scape it adopts a “nothing to see here” approach, but once inside it reveals its double height ceiling and fully glazed gable capturing a breath taking view of the surrounding countryside.

A circa 9m structural opening will span the rear elevation of this house.

Notice the beam supporting the opening has been raised to align with the ceiling, the result is no down stand at ceiling level just a smooth transition straight from the house through to the extension.

It is the attention to detail that is going to make this project great!

The addition of the 6.6m sliding doors & the 6.6m lantern and we have a project that is going to transform the way this house is used on a daily basis!

The Planning and Building Warrant are already approved for this project and we look forward to the build happening later next year!

From concept to completion we have you covered!

A concept that started as a 45 degree line to ensure the neighbours light was not jeopardised.

We took that concept and ran with it in both the vertical and horizontal planes the result is a truly unique design.

The roof was complicated to start with given its multitude of angles & pitches, throw in the fact that it's also vaulted and things start to get interesting.

This one had us scratching our heads trying to visualise how it look, how it would work and would it deliver as we intended.

I am pleased to say it's everything we thought and more.

This client on a steep sloping site in Glenrothes already had a conservatory which they were unable to use all year round, there was also a box room adjacent which needed to be increased in size to fulfil their requirements.

While converting the existing conservatory we also extended it.

This resulted in an increase of floor area on the principle level, but also an extended basement level to create a games room keeping the newly formed extension to the living space free of clutter.

The glazed balcony looking out onto the garden finishes it off nicely.

This large lean to extension in Reddingmuirhead along with a large structural opening created a fantastic open plan kitchen diner.

A small utility room was also incorporated into the design to increase the functionality of the space.

The large bi- fold doors & velux windows flood the space with natural light.

Bigger isn't always better!

Sometimes utilising small spaces with a clever design can change the way someone uses their home.

Like this conversion of an outside externally accessed storage area along with a large internal cupboard to create a fairly generous downstairs bathroom!

Our client came to us with a clear vision of transforming 3 rooms into one large kitchen dining space by removing 2 internal walls.

We were delighted to help!

All existing windows in the space were cut down to form bi-fold doors to flood the space with light and connect it to the garden.

See more details, simply stunning!

This is 1 of 2 extensions being built by this client.

The flat roofed kitchen extension with a lantern roof light creates a kitchen diner that's flooded with natural light.

Also hidden from view is a functional utility room.

By the time the second extension is finished we will have almost doubled the ground floor living area!

Click to see the floor plan & the second extension which will add a master bedroom & ensuite.

A lot can be achieved by simply removing a wall and utilising rooms that are seldom used.

What was once a modest kitchen and dining room is now the heart of the home!

This large bespoke extension creating an open plan kitchen, dining and family room has transformed this property.

Also included was a partial garage conversion to create a down stairs WC & utility space.

The vast amount of glazing creates a space unlike any other which is truly a joy to be in.

Safe to say this is now the heart of the home and has created the ultimate family & entertaining space.